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Aftermarket billet fuel rail install on Kenne Bell Super Snake......

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Has anyone installed a set of billet alum. aftermarket fuel rails on their KB Super Snake? Can they be installed without blower removal? The KB 2.8 specifically......

The drivers side under the inlet is where I have the concern. Since the inlet on the Kenne Bell blower does not unbolt just above the drivers side fuel rail (as some other blowers do), is there enough clearance under the inlet to remove the oem stainless rail and install the taller Billet alum. rail?



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3 hours ago, B Shelby said:

I had Brenspeed install injectors and fuel rails , they pulled the 2.8 KB off .

^^^^^That was my concern.

I believe that the oem rails will remove without R&R of the blower, I have a set of oem stainless rails that have been polished and the solder flux removed while polishing, I may install them for right now.


I got a length of correct cross-over fuel line from KB a while back to install on these polished rails and route around the back of the 2.8........................Maybe I will also do a test fit/install of the Shelby/Metco rails that I already own, just to verify the drivers side below the inlet.......






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