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Barrett Jackson Las Vegas


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I went to the Barrett Jackson auction in Las Vegas today. I noticed that a 2016 GTH had sold. It was run by Hertz Remarketing. It also had a decal on the windshield from a Mannheim Auction. I could not find the Mannheim location.

The stripes on the front were damaged and the front splitter had rash on it. I could not see the GTH number.

This car sold for 36,000.00



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To chime in, 0021 looked like a solid car. I did not identify any major repairs, however all of the stripes looked to be re-applied post Shelby. I saw edges that were rolling up. The interior seemed in very good shape, showing a reasonable 20600 miles. I think a good detail, and reasonable investment will bring this one into it's correct value range.

If you are a Shelby guy that purchased this one, have Chris Ruby at Shelby American pick the car up and make a WIDE BODY package out of it!?





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B-J makes me laugh when they say they determine the market value by their auction prices, no that's just idiots over paying because most are uneducated. I watched so many owners lose big dollars because of no Reserve when at Mecum they either got their price or kept their car. Late Saturday night that 55 Orange Bel Air was a real nice restomod at least $75k - $90k into it and it Sold like $48k because B-J put it on after the money went home. 

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