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Short Throw Shifter

David Walton

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Hi all, 

I have seen some threads about the stock shifter and people being unhappy with it. I particularly get frustrated going 2nd to 3rd and how "mushy" it feels, it doesn't feel like a real firm shift, in any gear. The short throw shifter is on sale for the 2007 to 2014 GT500's at Shelby performance parts, is this what people have been going with (I have a 2012)? Are they happy with it? Is it something I can replace in my shop or is it pretty involved? Thanks! 

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I had a Barton in my 2011, it was installed during a clutch replacement, @ my tuners shop. The other one that a lot of GT500 owners  go with is MGW. These can be done in your garage & there are installation videos on the net.......Research costs nothing, good luck.

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