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Windshield banner

Justin Hollabaugh

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Well I went through the spreadsheets I have that have everything I've done to my car, but I must not have put the eyebrow on it. If you found the post, send me a link to it and I'll see if I might have his info still.

If not, here are two that are close. Of course, Team Shelby and the other would be the Top Vinyl, I think I have the 40", but be sure and measure how much room you have from your tri-angles on the windshield. Some law enforcement will write you up if it's below it.

Last case, let me know and I can measure mine out exactly and have a vinyl shop here cut one for you, but it would probably be higher than what you can buy pre-done. But, it will the original style.




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19 hours ago, Justin Hollabaugh said:

Just joined the southern plain region.Looking to get windshield banner. I went through old posts and found who yall used to get them through but it says that's not a good email anymore. Any help?

I can send you one. Hit me up here and we can work payment/shipping details:



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Just as an FYI....I know that STUCKONYOUGRAPHICS was moving some time back (sorry I don't recall his name) and was offline while that was going on. You can check through his google info and see if you can find him if you ever want:


Welcome to the region by the way!!!

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