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SHR Flush-Mount Quarter Vent Louvers

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From Marcello at Silver Horse Racing
Due to repeated requests from our customers that may have missed the opportunity or need a new set for their latest project or as a backup for an existing set, we’re offering to make a final run of our patented Flush-Mount louvers that fit the 2005-09 Mustang.

Typically, we run 1000 sets as a production run. That is two Gaylord containers of material, the minimum we can typically purchase of the special mix we use (color, UV protection, etc).

Even raising the price to cover increased setup costs on a short run and paying the penalty for a single Gaylord order of material, we’re looking at around 500 sets to run. So to justify that, we’d need at least 200 sets per-ordered. We know that’s a tall order. If the per-order minimum is met by March 30,2019, we will make the run. If it is not, per-orders will be refunded in full. Be aware that even after production is started, it typically takes sixteen (16) weeks from when we commit until when we have finished product ready to ship to customers. It is a drawn-out process to have the custom material ordered and made, then get time on the 300 ton injection press, and actually have a good run made.

If you’d like to order, Here’s the page on our website:

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