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Non Automotive Thread rules for posters

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I spoke at length with Shelby Today. Team Shelby appreciates all of you who contribute to the forum in a positive manor. As a result, the Non Automotive thread will continue however, there are and always will be some hard and fast rules. This website is run by a corporation with directors and business relationships. They cannot allow users of this forum to adversely effect their business and, I don't think anyone of you would want that. This has been posted elsewhere but, I have stickied it here. There may be updates and if there are, one of us will make it known. Please people, read and heed!

1. Observe the golden rule!

2. If you have nothing good to say, say nothing. You dont like a car someone posts, skip that post. Dont like the motor, skip that post. Silence is golden at times. Don't like the subject of the post, don't read it.

3.No posting links to other competitive forums

4. Unless you are an authorized sponsor, you cannot advertise here. We appreciate people who work hard to make a living but, we also have people who pay Team Shelby to sponsor us. Those payments go back to our members in the way of events. Members are allowed to advertise personal items for sale .

5. No bashing Shelby or Ford Motor Company. This does not mean you cannot criticize, that can be done in a tasteful and constructive manner. If the issue is personal, (IE, you didnt receive a part, ect.) take it to the person who can help you. If they dont respond, take it to a higher level. Dont post it here!

6. NO CUSSING, NO NUDITY of Demeaning pictures, male or female. We are a family site. We do have kids frequent the forums and we want them to be able to continue. We are here to train the new generation of Shelby enthusiasts. 

7. No political or religious discussions. We are not trying to curb your right to free speech however, we have found by experience, these threads go sideways quickly. This includes controversial subjects such as firearms or other polarizing subjects of the day. It does not mean we disagree with your point of view, it just means we do not want it discussed here.

8. No disrespecting others. This  especially includes the staff at Shelby international, Shelby American or fellow users of this forum. People are here to enjoy themselves not to be stressed out over their automotive passion.

9.NO SPAM. Yes, as hard as we try, it will happen. If you see it, report it.

10. No using the PM function of this site to harass or threaten anyone. Consequences will be swift


Although not meant to be all inclusive, the following guidlines should keep everyone, users and admins on the same page. If you have to think too long whether a post fits in the above list, its probably best to not post it. These are not suggestions or negotiable


Carroll loved the fact that Team Shelby was a place enthusiasts could come to talk cars or sometimes, life in general. He wanted for each of you to enjoy your time here and the passion for the brand he built. Its our goal to keep the passion going, dont let others forget and teach those who come after us what it means to be a Shelby owner and fan. Lets all keep it positive.


Team Shelby Directors


Feel free to contact your director or myself fo questions

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1 hour ago, markham51 said:

I always wondered...is a post from Mustang6g.com considered a "competitive forum?"



1 hour ago, markham51 said:

The intent is you should not be recruiting for another forum. If its information sharing, I dont think its an issue. I would expect mustang6g would allow the same. 




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7 hours ago, BIKEBOY said:

Tim, by “Non Automotive thread”, do you mean the old NTT will be unlocked, or the new “Lobby” thread will be allowed to continue? 


That particular thread is dead and buried. Lets all hang in the lobby

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