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VANITY PLATES, your best ideas.

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Seven characters of number and letter combo. Dash or space count as a character.

Since Brent Z posed the question, and I responded I'm too much of a tightwad, well... It's been two months thanks to Hertz, now we're finally able to transfer title this weekend. We have a fairly straightforward plate in mind and we'd like to see how creative our friends are. Watcha got?

What the heck, how about pics of the best plate you've seen?


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9 hours ago, 08SGT1234 said:



I'D like to drive it once in a while too;-)  

One choice was RENT ME, not sure I'd want the wife to drive it then...

Me, Owen

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24 minutes ago, blz57 said:

For the color of the car, "Shadow Black"?

Sometimes I call mine the Black Beauty!

Exactly, I hoped for something between hohum and whaaat?.

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17 hours ago, Dr Garry Kraft said:


At the local C&C I'm amazed at how many people think I rented this from Hertz for the event...

All the other good California personalized plates have been grabbed.

P1000763 Xtra Small.JPG

Lucky to land that one, and no better colors.

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9 hours ago, 06H275 said:

Here are my 3 GT-H's.

I need to get them together for a pic with the new plates.


IMG_0889 (1)GTHSC1 (Medium).JPG


You did great, got all three wrapped up the same way! 


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On ‎6‎/‎27‎/‎2018 at 7:57 PM, Owenbdk said:

Peeked under her skirt, guess what I found! Thanks for your help guys, esp. Brent.

black gold, Texas tea...oil that is?...  No E85 here!?


Looking good, Owen!

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