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Hey guys,  I checked out that e-bay site to see what they had for sale and if I was interested in anything.   It was basically all  different kinds of performance brake kits that were available for different applications on the Mustangs!    I really didn't realize that brakes could be so pricey.   :headscratch:   


"MONGOOSE"     :peelout:

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I think the only thing that has been offered lately is the gift card sale around Christmas.  It want to say it was buy a $500 gift card and get a $100 card free (maybe it wasn't that good), so if you knew you were going to make a big purchase you could calculate what you needed and essentially save 20%., but that was a once a year thing.

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I know the 4 piston brembos front kit will fit if you use a wheel spacer. I wanted to maintain a stock style on my car, so I upgraded the wheels to 20in torq thrust m (american racing) If you order the correct offsets the wilwood kit will fit with the american racing wheels. I ordered the shelby/wilwood 6 piston front brake kit. I can confirm fitment after I complete the install.

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