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after filling up with 93 gas pedal super sensitive

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hi guys, just want to see if anyone else has experienced this. i cant be the only one.  i found 1 thread on here that was kind of similiar but wanted to post this as well for my specific issue.


sometimes when i fill my car up at the gas station, after i turn it back on to leave, the slightest touch of the gas pedal revs the car to about 4100.  I do mean the slightest touch. Keep in mind i drove this home from work today 70 miles in bumper to bumper traffic and it did not happen once.  It only seems to happen when filling the tank up from time to time.  It will also throw a service wrench light.  After restarting the car, the service wrench light turns off and the gas pedal feels "normal" again.  The last time this happened to me was about 4 months ago.  Anyone else experience this or have a fix? car only has 14k miles and it has done this since i bought it 2 years ago.  Really embarassing when it happens as the car is unforgiveably loud.


Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Never happened to me.but I'd worry about safety.of the car decided to run 4100 rpm when your doing 60 it could be trouble.there may be a throttle body issue.have dealer check codes and figure out whats hsppening just to be safe

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