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vinyl stripes

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You know the history of these cars well.  Do you know if there is a reason the 2007 and 2008 cars had different types of silver for their stripes?  I have to get mine re-stripped and want to consider both types.  Having a 2008, I can't say I have ever compared an early 2007 with a later one to see the visual difference between the two.  

Hope you have been well.


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The original stripes (Orcal) didn’t hold up to water spots, and rain failout, well when used in a horizontal application like hood and roof.  SAI switched to a glossy version, perhaps towards the end of the 2007 run, I’d have to go back and look. In any case, having had both, I would get the glossy version for sure unless painting then I’d go for the flatter silver under clearcoat. IMHO!

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My 2008's stripes didn't hold up very well.

I used to have to park up on the roof level of a parking garage at work, exposing the car to sun and rain. I'm pretty sure that's what's caused the spots and what looks like rusting along the top edge of the trunk's stripes. The side stripes are in mint condition, as they rarely see any sun.

If you plan on keeping your entire SGT stock go with the correct stripes for your year. Otherwise I'd suggest painted stripes.

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