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65 Shelby GT350SR on Ebay

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There is a reason why they were shut down and I wouldn't touch any of these cars unless it was at a Give it Away price because the bodies in question is why they were shut down. The wrong VIN's were showing up on the wrong cars and in some cases there were doing rebodies without telling the customer or the state. The package was a good idea just the wrong people were building it. I knew the private investor funding these guys and the GT500E cars as I was renting a house in Plano through the guy's mother's real estate company and I got a look at Unique's build sheet cost for them and that was the other issue as things were not adding up when the buyer paid this price and the company said many cars went over cost build price so they lost money but they never did and is another reason they got raided. Whomever is behind the Shelby Registry I would ban all the Unique Perf. builds as this company was a total fraud from the start. These people were never truthful with Carroll they were just using his name and yea he got paid but they were ripping the customers off with shoddy builds. You may have some cars that were done right but there are quite a few people who will tell you they got hosed

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