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2014 GT500 Tire Replacement

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Need suggestion on replacing original factory Goodyear tires on my 2014 GT500. Replace with OEM tires - Different brand of tire - or wait to replace.  At least once a year I track the car on a road course in the upper Midwest and participate in 1/2 mile go fast event.  I am aware of the tires pros and cons, only operate above 45 degrees, need to get heat in them before they hook up, especially on a road course at least 3 to 4 laps, before I can really push the car.   Tires pick up every rock and pebble cold or hot at slow speeds in my subdivision.  The tires have less than 8000 miles, and have 2013 Juliann DOT date stamped in the side wall.  The car has some engine modifications.  It was dyno'd pushing almost 700 HP and over 750 lbs. ft. of torque to the ground at the rear wheels.  I am looking summer performance tires: new Michelin PS/4 or new Continental Extreme Contact, or even considering another set of Goodyear's. When I am not having fun on track days or go fast event days, the car is driven on the weekends around town or out in the countryside for joyride.  It is not my daily driver and it is parked in the winter months, on stands, in a climate controlled garage.  The car has experienced rain 6 times and the tire's tread are not worn.  I haven't measure the tread depths yet this year, guessing at 15 to 18 /32ths front to back respectively.  Launch Control and track mode rarely used.            20160501_114737_resized.jpg   

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