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2007-2009 Shelby GT Billet Engine Caps


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I Love the Billet Engine caps. Either the ones that say Shelby GT or the Red Berg Snake ones. I'm looking for a set if anyone has them for sale of either one. Or I just need a Radiator cap of the Shelby GT cap. Anyone know what they are going for now days? 29546851_1906578766028737_1041035882_n.jpg?_nc_cat=0&_nc_eui2=v1%3AAeGPWSz7HHPRGqbQrethYA96E-wQ0-6Nd4EvDlJBmOG22zGHRL-SnbMd4yKKZKnqaAmK86pogbXJujZ7VOD9nKx3eUaZPju2k78eGyG80YSeRw&oh=aa8083a09a3864bb1c2ac073855b27aa&oe=5AB8AB7C29345227_1906579542695326_895439504_n.png?_nc_cat=0&_nc_eui2=v1%3AAeGRWagHUhCLkLbJsO6eloeA3giim5qZqsdMzC7wGFH5Y6q4zn-Or8JDT6UMp2YGJG0PQjDsXNjx56n9eEOKTilJTiU1oWzc-jHg6rXLN7BIaA&oh=4510a0db30c178c26f83ca0c2a46635b&oe=5AB8C60B

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Hbaum, welcome to TS, your  inquiry is one that comes up from time to time. The Shelby GT engine caps sets are hard to find these days and have not been available from SAI for several years now. You should perhaps keep your eye on ebay and maybe a set will pop up. Prices have ranged anywhere from about $300 to $700 per set. Individual caps have shown up from time to time as well. There is currently a set of similar GT500 caps on ebay for about $1500.00. Good luck in your quest.

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