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Shelby 1000 Diesel Truck Concept at Vegas Bash


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10 hours ago, SAI-Steven said:

A little demo of the Shelby 1000 Diesel Concept Truck outside of SAI headquarters during the 2018 Shelby Vegas Bash.

Truck burnout courtesy of Gary Paterson, President of SAI.

Trailer burnout courtesy of Vince LaViolette, Vice President of SAI.




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3 hours ago, 66GT350PS said:

Are there details on the Shelby 1000 F350 as a production model, or was this a one off prototype?

I believe it is limited to 150 vehicles a year.  F250 and F350 diesel. 1,000 lb of torque. Starting around $22. 


Going to build 250 a year.  

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Attending the Bash is on the bucket list but 3000 miles and an ocean to cross to get there gets time consuming and costly.  If another special Shelby GT-H comes along that I can confirm as a rental, I might do it.  Though Hertz has a nasty way of wanting extra for mileage on premier rentals.

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I wonder if SAI is using the aFe Momentum Cold Air Intake with the Scorcher Module on this iteration of the F250/Shelby 1000. Its the only packaged CAI system I know of for that engine that claims the torque gains that are capable of pushing the factory stock torque from 935 to over 1000 ft lbs.

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