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GTS' Rear Spoiler ?


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I am in the process of evaluating options for my non-Shelby 2014 Ford Mustang V6 project...  While I am NOT attempting to build an exact CLONE, I am emmulating many of the GTS' features as a basis for my 'CS/T' (Carroll Shelby "tribute") version.  Contemplating the addition of a rear spoiler, SAI's 2014 sales literature mentions that the optional Rear Spoiler is a "Standard Ford OEM" part.  As only 3 of the 31 V6 GTS's produced were optioned with said spoiler, I've not yet been able to locate a picture of one for compairison; as Ford (Accessories) offerd 3 different OEM versions, can anyone confirm, which of the spoilers were utilized for the GTS?

  • Decklid Lip (P/N: AR3Z-6344210-AC)
  • Pedestal (P/N: AR3Z-6344210-CA)
  • Shelby Lip (P/N: AR3Z-6344210-BB)
  • other?

3 Spoilers for 2014 Mustang

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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14 minutes ago, Morgan19d said:

I don't think I ever realized they had an optional spoiler for the package. Mine is the lip spoiler from Ford too.

Shelby's sales literature (for the V6) lists "-Rear Spolier (Standard Ford OEM)" as one of the options for all of the 2011-'14 model years, EXCEPT the 2012 50th Anniversary Edition.  Ironically, whle the sales brochure for this (50th Anniversary Ed.) model does not list a rear spoiler as either a standard feature or an option, the vehicle depicted therein (see attached) seems to have one installed.


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  • 1 month later...

I was told by SAI that I had to have the spoiler installed before it was sent to them for production so the striping would be correct.  I had the car delivered to Gaudin Ford to have a GT500 spoiler install.  The 500 spoiler looks great but they actually painted the gurney flap red.  I was astounded.  Gaudin told me it looked great but I didn't agree.  However, I had the car sent to SAI with the flap painted because I didn't want to miss the production timeline ... which was missed anyway.  

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