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TS PNW invasion Pacific Raceway Track Event July 2018

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Hello all, mark your calendars for July 19th, 2018. It's the first day of the Annual Mustangs Northwest Roundup. The First day takes place at the Historic Pacific Raceway track a very challenging road course.

Registration is Open on Motorsports REG: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/mustangs-northwest-ride-drive-pacific-raceways-918874   

A note from Shannon: 

  • Good evening! I am excited to announce that this year's Mustangs Northwest Ride and Drive sponsored by Brad's Custom Auto is now open! I am trying something new this year so that we can get the word out to more track junkies and we are going to be doing registration thru Motorsports Reg this year. Please click on the link at the bottom of this email to be taken to our event. If you can't get it to work or would prefer old school please let me know and I will get you the info.

           Shannon Wolk, Mustangs Northwest


Hope to see many of you there!  Brian Bogdon

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Hello Jeff, I will check in with Shannon. I "think" you can self assign and if its not working for you (day of event), can move to another group. Most of the time not to big of a deal. 

Do you want an instructor?



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No Thanks on the instructor this time. Thank you for checking. The information seemed to indicate a sign off from and instructor was required to participate.


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Hi Jeff, you canself asign but,  could be change by organizer or change during the day of the event. Shanno is great to work with and Tom / Turn2 Lapping is helping Shannon, also.


This is their first time using MSR. Getting it set up takes a bit of work and it is really a nice system for the organizer. Email blast are really easy to set up, lots of details you can do. They have webinars to show you how it works and how to set up a site. It's pretty nice. 


They charge a % and thats how that make money. Nice trade off for a great service (IMO).  See you there.


Best Regards,

Brian Bogdon

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Shannon has shared there is a lot of Shelby's coming to this years event at Pacific Raceways! Keep sharing this event with others and it will be a great time! Don't forget its free to come out and hang out, watch and maybe get a ride in a Shelby!


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