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Glue on dash

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Hey guys, So here is my issue. I recently bought my Shelby used and the previous owner I guess had several gauges on the dash that he removed and left several hard glue spots on the dash. I tried alcohol and I tried Goof Off. I went through about 7 tries. I let the cleaner sit for several minutes and then scrubbed and scrubbed. All I have now is the same spots but they are now white and way more noticeable. Would some one please give me a answer. I need help!!!

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I would check with a body shop. There are companies out there that can make a damaged dash or door panel look brand new. I had a body shop here rebuild a door panel in my Bronco because no replacement part was available and it came out great. The same guy took care of a cigarette burn on the dash of my F350. Totally gone. I don't know the magic he used, but impressive for sure.

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