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2018 Team Shelby Bash

FR500S Racer

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Its has been a busy new year and i apologise for not being more active here in the PNW Forum. It's been so easy to use the Facebook and sharing that way, that I have not given the TS PNW Forum any attention since I started the Directors position. I will admit that I'm not as good on forums, as they have not been my focus. I need to learn. Thanks for your patients.

We have a group of TS PNW members heading down to the Bash next week. I leave the 6th-Tuesday. Some are driving their Shelbys-cars down and a couple of us are using trailers.

The Oregon State Director "Bill" is heading down I5 Tuesday. I will be with a group going out 84 then down 93 through Nevada. If you have plans of driving down or trailering down let me know if you would like to hook up with us or "Bill". Tuesday weather looking very good to get out of the PNW on a dry day! Hoping it holds!!

If you drive down or fly in it will be a great time! Looking forward to meeting Pacific Northwest members of Team Shelby next week and in the future!

Best Regards,    Brian Bogdon

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