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SGT #764 Checking In


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Hi All,

Just brought SGT #764 home (Performance White, Automatic).  It was purchased brand new by my father in 2007 as a retirement gift to himself.  When he passed away a couple years ago my siblings and I were at a loss with what to do with it.  None of us were really comfortable driving Dad's beloved Shelby but it didn't feel right selling it either. Long term storage was also not a financially viable option. 

After reading many posts on this site in hopes of gathering accurate pricing/value info, I started hearing how many satisfied SGT owners love driving their cars everyday.  That helped lead me to make the decision to sell my STI and use the money to buy out my siblings share. I'm happy to report that I have been driving the car for about a week and have loved every second of it!  I can't believe that I ever considered letting it out of my family and I'm very excited to now be part of the Shelby Family! 

The more I learn about these cars and the history associated with them, the more I'm happy with my decision.  I look forward to learning even more from the community here and thanks in advance for all the help I will surely need.  I'm not new to working on/modding cars, but coming from a tuner background there are few more cylinders here than I'm used to, lol!

See you all around the boards! 



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Welcome Chris, the SGT is such a cool car to drive! You'll look back years from now happy that you decided to keep your dad's SGT.

You'll never get tired of the pride you'll feel when you read the lips of the boy with his dad behind you in the rear-view mirror, saying, "Look dad, a Shelby!"

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