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There ought to be a law


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One of the worst "it is real, really" Shelby Mustangs I have seen to date.  If you want to modify your Mustang, more power to you but don't claim it is something it is not.  The 6 cylinder motor should have been the first clue even without any pictures.  Aside from the fact that it is for sale at almost half of what they sell for, anyone who does not do minimal research in this day and age when there is so much information out there and it is easy to verify that it is fake or authentic, deserves what they get if they were to buy it thinking it is a real Shelby and they are getting a great deal.  With that said, it should be illegal to try to pass off a tribute or clone as the real thing.  That is fraud, plain and simple.

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3 hours ago, carnut12 said:

Wow, I hope no one falls for this.


love the picture with his fingers in it, or how about the one of the door panel filled with used tissues, disgusting.


All the tissues are from people laughing so hard that they cry, for him trying to push it off as "Real"!

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Looks like something Farm Truck and Azin would drive around. 

All the mess that this car is, and I’m saying it’s ugly, I kind of want to see under the hood more. What duck tape work was done to put on the shaker and where is the advertised turbo?


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