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Door Speaker Trim Ring Mod

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I painted the door speaker trim rings silver matte (like the door pull handles). Two coats of satin clear over the paint as well.


Then ordered these billett aluminum chrome plated rings from CJ Pony Parts. These two mods together capture the chrome surround on the a/c balls and the speedo cluster, and the matte silver picks up the handles, and to a degree, the brushed sill plates.







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I did likewise a few weeks back, albeit w/out the chrome rim. Just wanted to add a little color change to the all black bleak interior. $5 can of spray paint, and 3 coats later, blammo, all done.



Excellent Lee! I have done the same a few other times in my other S197's....silver and NO ring. This time I thought I'd try sumthin a-new. :thumbsup:



Nice mod. Very good looking trim..


Thank ya sir! :victory:

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I used a Rustoleum spray paint- just eyeballed the color to match as close as possible to the brushed aluminum. Home Depot purchase for less than $5! I didn't use any clear- didn't see the need after 3 light coats. I'll get you the exact color later.


Those ring surrounds are on sale @ American Muscle:





Not my cup o' tea, certainly not for $80 by YMMV.


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First off ......I used clear because those trim rings are in a direct path of foot (accidental when I’m driving) but nontheless, foot kicks.


Second, those rings at AM Muscle are not even close to what I bought. They are way too wide imho. To ‘bulky’. Mine are far narrower...more trim ring like.


And lastly, as far as color, I did what Lee said....tried best matching the door pull. I ended up at an automotive pant store. They offer specific paint made for plastic adhesion. Maybe I put way more thought into it than need be? :shrug:


Just wanted to share, that’s all. :)

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