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Need Recommendations - Shelby GT Transport


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As Im moving to TN, I may need to have the Shelby GT transported. If any of you can recommend a transport service that youve used, please let me know!



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Steve at Auto Image Transport 702-278-9304


He goes out of his way to protect your car unlike these big name transport companies

Bob, I also have one as described above...... better rates, one man, soft side trailer, enclosed. He shipped my BOSS and my Gurney back to back....gentle and ZERO issues!
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TFX was amazing with my '66. The driver treated my car like a baby and everything went smooth and right on time.

Another plus was the truck they deliver with. Very cool!

Check out the website.


Adam Horodynk

TFX International Specialized Vehicle Transport

11 City View Drive

Etobicoke, ON Canada M9W 5A5

Phone 416.243.8531 ext #8

Fax 416.243.8886


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Covered transport I assume? I've used both Reliable and Interstate. Reliable delivered my SGTs from SAI (I had them sent to me instead of the dealer). Reliable also moved my FGT from Colorado to Vegas. I used Interstate for the Cobra and the initial FGT delivery. Both have excellent reputations. Alot is to be said about who your cars bunkmates are. When the FGT was delivered it was accompanied by a unmolested 300SL roadster.


Both charge about a buck a mile but mine were all over 800 miles. Short haul might be different.


Why not drive it? It's probably a two day hop.

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Bob, I would add one more (warning) of sorts. This one may seem like common sense, but the drivers cure for it is not always a perfect idea............. This one Ive learned over the years and shipping like 15 cars (?).


Go to Pep Boys or the like, and get a dirt cheap pair of front seat covers..... DO NOT USE the cheesy plastic slip overs from a tire shop. Theyre worthless for this issue.


Heres why - If by chance and the luck of the draw, your car doors end up near a trailer hydraulic ram or side pillar and the driver cant get in and out of the doors, they will need to climb out of the window. Their idea of a good option is simply removing their shoes and stepping on your seats in their socks. Uhhhhh NO! Not happening! :nonono:


Also another trick Ive learned (and I do this for warranty service at stealerships as well), is tape up your sills (both sides) with blue 3M painters tape. From the side rocker all the way up to the carpet. Including the entire lower half of the door panel and door speaker. Not only will this work in case a boot happens to hit an area not covered, but it goes a long way making a guy be extra careful, seeing that. :cool:

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Thanks all for the recommendations and very good advice!! As suggested above, if I can manage it time-wise along with the other moving tasks, I really want to drive it there. However, in case I can't, the above is all good to know! In my initial move last week, I did get the motorhome there (which was utilized as a moving van), so that at least is out of the way.

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