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11-12 Kona Blue with Race Red Stripes -- Any history on the reason of the odd combo?

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There is a ton of knowledge on here and find something new all the time. When I was shopping for a 11-12, and found the car I now own, I did tons of searching on this color combo. There isn't a whole lot about them and I've searched a lot. It still isn't my ideal color combo, but it has grown on the wife and I and won't be doing a stripe delete on it as initially had planned.


So it turns out that in 2012 there were 50 of this color combo made: Kona Blue with Race Red/Ingot stripes and only as PP car. There's 38 coupes and 12 convertibles for 50 total. (2011 was 88 Coupes and 16 convertibles) Just curious if there was anything else to this color combo as it really isn't typical. I'm aware that it's not rare, and didn't buy it for that reason or even expecting that any of these GT500's will be valuable down the road. I just was curious if this was some sort of limited edition that was planned or just something that they felt they wanted to do.



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No special package or edition that I'm aware of. Having six different paint colors along with eight different stripe colors that year means a lot of different combos can be had. Add in stripe delete, coupe or convertible, PP option to the equation and it just lowers the number.


Kona Blue was the third largest color build after black and red so there will be lots of rarer color combos on the other three paint colors.

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