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a bit of Humor


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I am almost finished moving everything to Colorado but had to come back to Florida right after the Hurricane to make sure no damage to my house and to get it ready to sell. Then last week I seen that it snowed in Colorado just a few inches and later that day I get a phone call from a 303 area code and I don't know anyone in CO to be calling me so I was curious so I answered and said hello, then a pause and a sound that sounded an engine rev and I then hear this is your cute Red Bunny and I said Bunny I have no rabbit and then it said Terlingua you dumb ass your Red Bunny and its bleeping cold you SOB so if your ass ever wants to drive me again, find me a god damn blanket... lmao


I've been stuck in FL a few weeks and arm injury friggin painful and is why I haven't completely the move but finally next week so snow, go away

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