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2017 GT350 Trim


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I purchased my 2017 GT350 in August 2017. Car had 800 miles at the time of purchase and was in excellent condition on the show room floor. After I picked up the car I noticed white marks on the plastic trim. It looked like someone had waxed the car and got wax on the trim. This was on the plastic trim in the front of my car and the pieces that run along the sides of the car. I took it back day after I purchased it and the dealership tried to remove the white marks.


When I recently took the car in for the clear bra and ceramic pro installation we found more white marks and the detailers told me that it was not wax. They recommended taking it back to the dealership and telling them the white marks were not wax.


Took the car to the dealership yesterday at 9am and the service department told me that the body shop would have to look at it. Body shop manager told me to drop the car off with my sales rep and they would fix the trim. Called my sales rep and he told me the dealership would not fix the issues. I told him that marks were not there when the car was on the show room floor. Sales rep blamed it on the previous owner and said there detailers would not have done that. Sales rep recommend that I call Ford Corporate and see if they will repair the issues.


Ford Corporate told me they would provide me with an answer in two days.


Has anyone else had issues like this from a dealership?

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Nope but if your talking about the black trim you might try buying whats called Back To Black (Walmart has it and other places) and try that. But first I'd wait and see if Ford will take care of you with having body shop take care of it. They would know exactly what to do to get those pieces back black looking (if thats the trim you mean)

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And if you use turtle wax ice paste you will not have this problem.

Thanks, I've used Ice paste in the past on my black GT500 from your recommendation, it worked great without residue. I bought My current car slightly used and was incorrectly waxed by the previous owner. Nowadays I use Ice and Lucas spray waxes on the whole car, vinyl stripes and all, with great results.

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