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What Happened To The Boss 302 Forum?


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Fat Boss - Fatboy from Boss Registry?


No, I don't think I was ever in a Boss Registry. I'm Fat Boss, Fat Diesel (on FTE), Fat Fusion (on FordFusionEnergi), Mad Maxx (on The Samba VW), and 64Pelican (on FordMuscle.) Oh and Blue Oaks on the Arboristsite. I have about 75 oaks in my yard and most are Blue Oaks.

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No idea.  

Perhaps management felt it best to focus the site to Shelby cars, which is fine, had I been asked or informed,  my recommendation would have been to move it to the "MUSTANG DOES IT!" section rather than just delete it. 


Edit: Well it's back now!  Such is the life of a platform transition!   :-)

I can sleep soundly again! :)



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Apparently I am having troubles with my iPad and it’s search ability. 

The www.boss302.com site is the one in question.....not our forum for Boss cars here on TS. Sorry for the confusion. 

Anyway, I used the link that Mike had in an above post, and it took me right to the site. But for whatever reason, my iPad won’t find it with a typed in search. :shrug:

Also, the site here won’t let me type the word “forum” in that link either. :doh:

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I'm posting this just for you hard core track and racing enthusiasts !   This is a 2013 Boss Mustang and it is No.5 out of 50 produced! This Boss is made for track / racing and it is currently not street legal.   This Boss 302 said it's like new and it was built by Ford Performance and it looks like it has the huge adjustable rear wing and it also looks like it is equipped with a roll bar (cage) also.  They are asking $72,500.  It said to contact Eric Ewald , Milwaukee,Wi.  I know that there is a Ewald car dealership in Milwaukee.  This link didn't work for me when I tried it, but that is where you can find it!  Hope it works for you if your interested!:clapping:



"MONGOOSE"   :peelout:

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Last week the site (boss 302 forum .com) tried to load but failed, over the weekend it appears to have gone completely offline. I am uncertain who the site manager is but hopefully the content is not lost. 

Given the amount of Boss specific material I would be happy to contribute funds to prevent this from happening on what seems to be a biannual basis. 

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