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Buying 11 GT500 help please


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Hi, I'm going to buy my first mustang this Friday.

My budget is 35-40k so i cant buy 13-15 GT500 or GT350

It's 11 GT500 with track package 1 owner 6700 mileages.
Clean auto check. Deal at 35k cash.
What you guys think? Hope I'm not buyin lemon
Any idea, suggestion?

There is car

Thank you for help



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Thank you guys, I also run carfax it is clean.

No specific maintanace details but no accident or anything.


It's 4 hours away to me. If there is no issue shifting (grinding) 1th to 2nd I might just buy it. Wish me luck

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Sounds like a great deal. I actually enjoyed driving my previous 2011 Shelby GT-500 more than my present 2014. I sold it with 43K+ miles to get my '14. I think the '11/12's are the optimum drivers. Plenty of power without going overboard, great handling and a better ride quality on a daily basis. Enjoy your new ride. :cool:


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