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From Bullitt To GT 500


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On my second day with my 08 GT 500, man oh man. My 09 Bullitt was awesome, sold it to a buddy. This GT 500 is some machine. Mine is Black on Black, stripe delete, LT headers, 2.9 Whipple, other goodies that I am finding out about. Still getting the feel for it so staying out of boost for the most part for now. Dealer says near 700hp, don't know for sure. Never had a car with his kind of power. Even though I am taking it easy, the sound alone gives any takers second thoughts. Love this car...



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Welcome to TS, congrats & good luck with the new ride.

The dealer can put you in touch with the previous owner, if you don't have complete documentation as to what was modded on the car.

You really should make an effort to get this info.....................Did it at least come with a hand held for the tune ?

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Thanks guys, great to be part of the club. The dealer did tell me where all the work was done - CRT Performance in Norwalk, OH, not too far from me. I plan on getting in touch with them and see if they have some documentation.

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Sounds like a nice car, and at a nice power level too.

Strongly agree with 1 Alibi 2, take inventory of your mods, many of which you can identify yourself too.


Common engine upgrades for that power level are:

Blower (you have already indicated)



Throttle body

Oversized lower pulley

Upper pulley

Tune for available fuel

Fuel pump boosters


Other items to look for are:

Heat exchanger

PCV oil interceptor (passenger side)


At that power level (700HP crank or higher)

also look for

1 piece aluminum or carbon fiber driveshaft

Aftermarket steel or billet lower control arms with at least red poly bushings

Aftermarket upper control arm and bracket with at least red poly bushings


If you didn't get a handheld tuner as asked above, you might want to consider getting one.

That way you can tweak the tune for your mods plus the fuel(s) you plan on running.

Changing the tune takes only minutes, I consider it to be a must have.

Consider using a reputable tuner such as Justing at VMP to optimize the tune for you setup and needs.


If you are not sure about identifying some of your mods, post some clear photos and someone should be able to help you identify them.

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