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clutch failure less than 5k mi

cobra 07

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4956 mi on my 14 gt500 and only 6 trips down the 1/4 mi,over the last 2.5 yr.& not much high spirted driving-- Last sat. nite 1st trip down pulled like a freight train and did a 12,08 & 122 mph after missing 3rd gear. on the way back to pickup the time slip - no clutch - maybe blew the springs out????????????? anybody have that happen?? Thinking of a McLeod RXT 1000 - Is that a good choice??????????????

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I was running the Shelby performance Twin Disc clutch and had nothing but problems. Don't get that one. RXT seems to be the most popular choice. Check your driveshaft as well to make sure it did not fail at the yoke. I believe you have a carbon shaft on your car. Mine recently failed and I had to get it warrantied. I thought it was only the clutch because I knew I was having problems with the clutch in the car at the time. After install of the RXT clutch the car still wasn't moving. Sure enough the carbon shaft broke at the aluminum yoke. All this happened at a track day after only 14 laps.

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