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Are the shelby 2010 - 2014 wheels, fit the 2007 / 2008 cars?


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20" wheels were the standard install on all 2007-2009 Super Snakes.


The only time I have heard/read about an issue is when an owner attempts to install the 20" rear SVTPP wheels on the front, I believe there is caliper contact and it requires a thin spacer for clearance. <<Then you can installed 20" SVTPP's on all four corners (from what I have read).






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Robert - I thought the wheel dimensions for any 2005 - 2014 car would not fit the 2015 to current Mustangs. Wonder if my Chicanes would fit a 2017 GT350?


I was under that impression also until I saw the S550 pictures I linked above.


Also note the S197 GT500 shown below, it has the same Nitto Invo 275 front - 295 rear tire combination and it looks very close, if not exact to the fit of the Alcoa's on the S550........................







^^^^I'm not seeing much, if any tire bulge difference and fender relationship in the S197 and S550, same Alcoa width front and rear, same tire brand and size front and rear?


The owner of the S550 said the Alcoa install required no spacers, it was a simple bolt-on............


The first clue (or indication) that I noticed that the S550 rims could possibly fit the S197's, and vise-versa was a few months ago, maybe even a year + when Shelby auctions on eBay had a set of newer style Mustang GT Super Snake dark wheels for auction, the listing said "fits 2005-2016 Mustang" in the description......Then recently I copied and pasted the S550 above to my Alcoa picture archive.





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