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Looking for 2016 Shelby GT350Hertz


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Looking for help finding a 2016 Shelby GT350 H for sale. Prefer low mileage car in Fl. area.



over 30 cars offered by Hertz....some are located in Florida.


Also, included on the list, check out cars available at Vantage Sports Cars in Florida.

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Many still refer to them as GT350s. I remember when the same mistake was used to refer to the 07-08 Shelby GT as "GT350".

Agree with that, but it is even more important now that the distinction is made since the GT350 is available from Ford as the awesome beast that it is. Would be bad for somebody to think that the Shelby GT-H is based on the GT350. Since it starts life as a Mustang GT and converted to the Shelby GT-H with the 5.0, it should not be confused with the Shelby GT350 with the 5.2 flat plane crank V8. I assume that since the original poster has Hertz in the title, that he is talking about the Shelby GT-H. I know you already know all this Tony, just more information for the original poster.

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Yes, only pictures through e-mail.

No real surprises except a small dent and scratch over the rear passenger wheel well. It's about $1000.00 to repair and Hertz is not willing to cover it. It may have happened in transport, but I doubt it. It's almost impossible to see so I'm not really that worried about it. The car was well maintained and only had 5800 miles on it.

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