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Why, where and who? Do you know the answers to these photo trivia questions? Part II


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Wow, that's a good one. I don't know the peoples.... Vegas grand opening at the track location? Looks like Steve Volk on the left?




I think it's Dave Murray not Volk.



Ah, I think you are correct. I get them mixed up sometimes.

Nope, nope and nope. Not Volk or Murray.

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And the answers are:

  • The photo was taken to commemorate Danny Koker picking up his completed Shelby Series One 17 years ago today on 08/31/2000. Many of you know Danny from his current TV show Kounts Kustoms.
  • The photo was taken behind the old Shelby facility at 6755 Speedway Blvd. in Las Vegas.
  • Danny is the second person in from the right wearing a black in color shirt. The four people to Danny's right were Shelby employees. The person to Danny's left is believed to be from Koker's public access tv show airing on local television at the time.

Below is another photo of Danny accepting the keys to his new Shelby from then CFO Wayne Stoker.

Koker Series One.jpg

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Wow Steve, that one was a little out there. So that's good. Looks like Cougster was the closest. At least he knew that Danny has a black Series one. Would never guess that is him in those pictures. Heck, now that you said it, I still can't see it. Looks nothing like he does now. I would say that Cougster get's the prize of attaboy on this one, even if you can't tell that Danny is in that picture.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Without reading any replies, here's my answers:


Why was this pic taken? I'll guess to promote the car ?


Where was pic taken? Looks like SAI but prolly one of the older locations


How is in the pic? Don't know but one fella looks like the guy from "Fast N Loud", and the guy next to him looks like a rock star....lol


What car? Shelby Series 1.



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