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Squeak in steering wheel column when coming off of zero degrees?

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I have developed a squeak that is coming from what sounds like the center of the steering wheel column when coming off of zero degrees? (I.e. going straight to turning.)

It started a few thousand miles ago (at 152K miles) and is really irritating! I have tried spraying some LPS into the top back side gap of the steering wheel but it had no effect plus I felt nervous about spraying dry lube in that area without knowing what is in there? Optical sensors?


Has anyone else experienced this noise?


MSB Mustang / Mark

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Yes, but on a different car.


Problem was a paper sticker on the inside plastic housing of the steering column had curled up and came in contact with a part of the steering wheel.


This would only squeak when the temperature was under 50 degrees or so.


The fix was to pull the steering wheel and remove sticker.


I would refrain from squirting WD40 or dry graphite cause the clock spring can get damaged. Plus it could set off the airbag.

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I have had a similar sounding squeak in an older car. I found that the stationary spring loaded contacts for the horn that are in contact disc that spins in the steering wheel had become dry and began to squeak, those contact points rub to make connection. I don't know how the horn and airbag connections are currently made to the wiring harness in the column, but I'm sure at some point the spinning steering wheel contacts the non-spinning wire connections, that is where my squeak was, and it would happen when I turned the wheel. If I remember correctly a small amount of white grease on that contact disc solved the squeak, but it required digging into the column to that point of contact.





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