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Hey all,


Just purchased a gently used '17 GT350 with 4,000 miles on it. It's my first mustang ever, and boy is it a beast. I have an '03 Viper that I have modified (ARH headers / cats, Borla exhaust, K&N cold air intake, Roe Racing tune). I am a big proponent of modifying cars and making them your own. I wanted to start this thread to cover mods and builds of all types in one place.


Coming from the Viper world and having my model already be 7 years old at the time of purchase, there was already a lot of knowledge and experience around mods / builds. You go onto the forums and most everybody had experimented enough to say these are the best headers, these are the best intakes, this is the s/c to use if want to go for FI, and which exhaust system to get based on how aggressive you want the sound to be.


So, from what I can tell from reading all the GT350 forums, hood lift pistons from Redline and a JLT catch can for passengers side are a must. As far as mods go for a NA build, I am seeing intake, headers, cats, and a tune are all you need. In my part of the country, Hennessey Performance Engineering are the go-to guys for high horsepower builds. Even if they are over priced, you can look at their packages,knowing they did their homework, and figure out what the car needs. Their HPE575 package for the GT350 consists of long tube headers, ss mid pipe (resonator delete), high flow cats, cold air intake, and a custom tune. No mention of replacing factory cat-back exhaust.


I really like a super aggressive / loud exhaust note. I don't really mind "drone" as this is not a daily driver for me. With my Viper I went with the Borla system that was knocked on the forums for bad drone, but I absolutely love it. As far as the GT350, I do like the factory exhaust when it is in sport mode. However, I would like to punch up the sound a bit. At the very least, I'm going to do a resonantor delete. Has anyone put on a factor cat back? If so, what are your thoughts / experiences / insights, etc.?

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If you install the Kooks longtube headers and green x-pipe do you need to tune the car? Most tune have been for 93 or E85 correct? Is there any performance shops in Las Vegas that you would recommend doing this work? Asked Shelby American and they don't do any performance enhancements to GT350s.

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I spent winter scheming on the mod subject, but i’m torn between keeping it as close to stock as possible and still doing the things I think the car deserves.  So, lighting upgrade for better visibility, oil separators, short shifter, jacking rails and ceramic coating is where I’m at.  Not going to track the car and I really want to limit the mods to functional stuff.

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