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ex-Miller School car


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Not a Shelby, but I just acquired a 2007 Mustang GT that was used as a school car during its time at the Miller Motorsport Park in Utah.


The graphics were removed, but am planning on replacing them.


Looking forward to having Kevin P (albino500) putting some of his touches on it.


Those coming to the Norcal Shelby Mini-Nats 32 / Team Shelby West Coast nationals at Sonoma in 4 weeks will see it there.





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Dang, Tommy that's cool. Why didn't you reg Green for Nats then?


Not putting it on the track?



I had previously reg'd the street car in RED-Plus, but will be switching now to green to run with you fellas :shift:

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Nice resto job you have done. Tom. Sure the Mustang will enjoy getting back on the track again.





Thanx Sam. Hope all is well in NZ


#29 is an ABSOLUTE blast to drive. Had two days with is at Sonoma last month, and in 5 weeks, we will be up at Thunderhill.


Motor on my friend!

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On 12/5/2017 at 6:05 PM, 66GT350PS said:

If it has a VIN, can it be registered for street duty?



Yes, there are number of other in the Midwest that have theirs on the street.


I saw a picture in the MM FB page that showed 5 together at a car show this past summer.


But we gutted ours to make it a full time track car, and it would also never pass CA smog as well.


As I bought this for a track toy, the last thing I wanted was to have to send Sacramento anymore of my money on a car that would never be street driven (although I do test it on the street where I live....sshhhh :worship::shift::drool: )


There were 30 cars, not sure how many are located


I know of at least a half dozen here in CA that are full-time races cars in the Spec Mustang Group, but you would not know they were Miller cars, and they all have completely different paint schemes now with no hint of their history.

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