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2007 GT500 sway bar bushings and end links


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I'd like to replace my stock sway bar bushings and end links, front and rear.

I measured my bars, and the front is 34mm, the rear is 24mm.

The only suspension upgrade by the PO was Eibach 35115.780.

I'd rather not upgrade the sway bars themselves, not quite yet.

Is it necessary to upgrade to adjustable end links for a daily driver?


Are these the correct parts?


Ford bushing kit M-5490-BKB

Moog front link K80899

Moog rear link K700050


Are Moog end links quality parts, or should is there a better stock replacement brand?




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I bought the front heavy duty adjustable and billet aluminum rear end links from Steeda.

The front went on easy, except for ratchet clearance for my 1/2" drive torque wrench...

The rattle is gone, and I was more or less able to level out the sway bar axis to the control arm axis.

I haven't installed the rear end links yet, doesn't look too involved.


I was surprised to receive a hand written thank you from Frank Stoddard from Steeda.

He grew up not too far from me, and knew of some landmarks from the old days.

The Big Red Barn, Santas Village, Hwy 17, etc.

Very personable guy, good to do business with.

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