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Various 2011/2012 GT350 parts found on ebay

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I was looking around on ebay yesterday and found these GT350 specific parts





Front Bumper Fascia



Rear Bumper Fascia



All are from the same seller. Not sure how they would have gotten ahold of these parts. Hopefully hey don't fall into the wrong hands and attempt to make a fake GT350.



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Who knows how he came to have these items, but based upon his other items he is selling, he must be in conjunction with a dealer or something. A lot of various ford car and truck parts. He also had a few other Shelby items, such as wheels and etc.



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Did these come from the original supplier and are left over unsold parts? Interesting to find. Maybe Steve has an idea.

Nope I have no idea, best to ask the seller about that. May also want to ask the seller why the hood and rear fascia have had paint prep work and very poor prep work I might add.



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