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Multiple oil leaks

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Sorry this a fairly long read but PLEASE give it a read.


This whole deal was also setup through a well known "Mustang guy" that is in Las Vegas. I took the car to him and he took the car to the engine shop. I paid him which he then gave to the engine shop. And yes I have receipts for it. Meanwhile the "Mustang guy" is telling the engine shop to basically ignore me and forget about me according the engine shop.


Ok guys I have been having an issue as a few of you may know. Ever since I had my engine built by an engine shop in Las Vegas, I have been having numerous oil leaks. Now, my car has never leaked oil before even after Shelby Motorsports had the engine out for camming. Well this latest build was taking it up to a shop in Vegas and having the engine fully built with new internals, and 4.0 Whipple. After the engine was completed, I had the car tuned by a well known tuner maybe some of you know him, Adam from Spankin' Time Performance. He came up to Vegas to tune the car. After it was tuned I drove the car home to Phoenix, AZ. The car drove great on the way home. So then after about a week or so I'm smelling oil in my garage. Yep, a few different smallish puddles under the car. Now the hadn't moved since I drove it home. I started the car up and let it idle for a bit and then gave it slight rev to about 3500 rpm and when the rpm's came back down, the car stalled.


So after this I contacted the engine shop and let them know everything that I have noticed. They told me the car was fine to drive from Phoenix to Vegas. So reluctantly I did. The engine builder told me to take the car to the shop I wanted to take it to which is the shop that Frankie worked at and he would come and check everything out. Well, on the way to Vegas the car broke down and wouldn't start again in Wikieup, AZ. Which is in the middle of nowhere. Thank god for AAA.


So the car is at the shop for about another month. Now it is being retuned after a little break-in. This time Gil from Shelby American was tuning it. So I get the call saying the car is ready. So I went to Vegas again and drove it home once again. About another week later, the same oil puddles reappear under the car. By this time I am pissed. I call the engine shop to ask whats going on and he tells me that he never even went to look at it because supposedly Gil said everything was good to go. I even talked to Frankie and Gil who I have known for many years now and they say that never happened. So I tend to believe them. Now, the engine shop specifically told me he was going to go check out the car when it was up there. Which he did not do.


So my next step was taking the car to a local Mustang shop which the guy has been building Mustangs for 26 years. The same day the car was there, he already told me about several of the leaks going on. The rear main seal, the oil cooler, the front timing cover, and the oil pan were all leaking. The engine shop when they put the motor back together, did not use ANY sealant on the front timing cover, and used the completely wrong gasket and sealant on the oil pan. While at the local Mustang shop, he also upgrading my PCV system running a new hose from catch with a t junction going to my drivers valve cover and intake.


So, I contact the engine shop and let him know everything that was found wrong. All he repeats over and over is that he smoked the engine after he built it and tells me none of his other engines have problems. I even sent him the invoice from my local shop showing everything. He is saying he thinks the PCV system wasn't operating correctly and is blaming all the leaks on that. I could see maybe the rear main seal but to have all of those start leaking at the same time? That seems unlikely. So I have been going back and forth with the engine shop for the last 3 weeks and am just getting the run around. He says he smoked it and that is fool proof. But once the car is on the road and getting extra pressure and load on the engine, seems like a smoke test would be useless then. Why he didn't smoke it again while it was up there, I don't know. But even with the engine getting some heavy load on it, those seals and everything else should not be leaking if they were done correctly. I mean how to the Shelby 1000's and 850HP Super Snakes survive if that's the case? Because the engine shop is saying excessive crankcase pressure is the cause without even looking at it or anything. You would think all those cars would be leaking everywhere if the PCV system caused the leaks. But the engine is also saying he thinks the tuning shop caused the leaks. Now, Adam from Spankin' Time has been tuning Shelby's for quite awhile.


So here I am today, trying to get everything resolved while the engine shop is refusing to do anything.


Sorry for such a long read. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I've already done that. He was very knowledgeable. I'm just trying to figure out if the PCV system would cause oil to leak from all these places. Especially odd to me since they didn't use the right gaskets and sealant.


The stalling issue we figured out to be caused by my super cobra jet monoblade. Ever since the tuner made adjustments it's been great.

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A clogged PCV system will cause oil leaks but they used the wrong gaskets and installed without sealant. Yeah a monoblade throttle body is the most difficult to tune and usually delivers less than desired idle and low speed operation and is mostly suited for wide open throttle only. Looks like you found a good tuner.

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