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Annoying clutch pedal assembly creak/squeek


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Wondering if anyone else has experienced this with a 2007 - 2009 GT500:


My 2009 car has recently developed two creaking/squeak noises. I was finally able to isolate the first noise after the guys at Ford basically sprayed a bunch of lube on the clutch and brake pedal assembly, but couldn't make the noise stop (my interior smelled awesome for the next 24 hours....). The first noise was coming from the top of the clutch pedal where there is a bracket that makes contact with a switch. When you depress the clutch pedal slightly the creak would occur and I added a light coating of lubricant on the top of the bracket at the contact point with the switch. Voila. Problem solved.... so I thought. While that eliminated the first creaking noise, it identified that I had two noises instead of just one. It appears the 2nd noise is coming from the plastic back plate of the pedal assembly near the fire wall and closer to the brake pedal. The creaking noise begins at about 1/4 throw of the clutch pedal through 3/4 down to the floor. Any ideas how to get this to shut up? My wife has been laughing at me as I get my 6'3" 200 lb frame contorted enough and upside down underneath the dash to try to find this noise. Yes.... I got stuck at one point. :whistling:

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