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Roll Call East KY and East Tn

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Hey guys I just wanted to see if there are any active members from this area, maybe we can have an event sometime this year.







I am currently in West Virginia (Morgantown) but will be moving to Louisville at the end of June to begin work at Uof L

I would love to catch up with some other mebers in the area to learn more about local events and get to know some other fellow Shelby ownersPlus, I would like to learn more about Louisville in general (places to go and places to stay away from).

Btw, I own a 2008- 15kmile car with a TVS, 2.4 pullet, KR500 exhaust and JLT/FRPP intake system.


Thanks. I look forwrad to hearing from other members!


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Glad to have you moving to KY if you are settled in you should join us for the somernites cruise in August. I am sure some of the other members can give you some good advice about Louisville.

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