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New Age Muscle Cars?

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Now *this* is what I'm talkin about! :cheerleader:


In a nutshell, this is a forum that I think was designed for smack talk! Basically, it's Ford vs. GM vs. Dodge. The concept is to go in and defend your brand. While I own nothing but Fords, I can't agree with alot of the stuff they've been doing as of late (treatment of GT500 folks, being shady with pertinent info, etc). So, while I'm still *into* Ford, I'm sorta disgusted with them at the moment.


So I've been chillin, and making eyes with some Dodge variants (Charger/Magnum). I'm also talking to a Camaro guy or two about how I *still* wish I had gotten my hands on a 2002 F-body. :banghead: I'm not sure how many people are there so far, but I do know they have a special GT500 section.


I just think it's a nifty concept. This is the first site I've seen that offered all of the Big Three contenders in one happy location! :rockon:



New Age Muscle Cars

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Hi James


Haven't seen you on line for a while, kinda wondered where you been?


And funny you should ask! I emailed the dealer with the codes from the order guides posted here - he was surprised I already had that information.


Anyway, we're off to the dealer on Saturday to confirm colours and trim - still thinking about tungsten vert, with charcoal and red leather interior - and I'll add the Shelby hood and deck stripes when the car is delivered.


And have you wondered - it's awesome we'll have the first two Shelby's in B.C.! Tres cool, eh?

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