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Anyone installed the GT500KR CAI "seal" on their ford racing CAI? need help

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You have to take the CAI off (out of the car) along with the MAF sensor slide the rubber seal around the tube but I am having trouble on how to place the seal in regards to the "bracket" that has 3 holts for the 8mm bolts.

I try to put the seal behind the bracket and doesn't seem right, you can't put it infront of the bracket because it won't slide up on the tube due to the tube flaring out wide so I slide the front of the "backed" under the seal which seemed to look how it goes but then you can't get the front 8mm bolt in due to the seal being in the way.
I'm confused here surely the KR's frpp intake isn't any different anyone done this correctly please step in and help me :)
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