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Recommendations for Rear Axle Seal and Bearings

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I went for an alignment and rotation this weekend and found quite a bit of oil on the inside of my driver rear rim and tires. Looks like I'll be spending a day pulling the axle out. Can anyone share their experiences with this? I also wanted to confirm we run an 8.8 rear diff with 32 spline axles so I can get the right parts. If you guys know if a good product (rear axle seal and bearings), OEM or aftermarket, from a good site or location please let me know so I can get this started. Last, do you recommend doing both axle seals and bearings since I'll have the diff cover off anyways? Its probably only an extra 30 minutes of work. But then again I don't want to fix what's not broken either.


thanks for the input guys and gals.

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