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Help me find my SGT's Previous Owner!


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I just recently purchased my 2007 SGT CSM#0081 and i know with such a low CSM. One of the previous owners must have been on this forum at some point in time. I just want to know what modifications are done to the car and a little of the car's history. The car appears stock and the exhaust seems stock as well but the car is seems too quick to be stock. My car will beat a 5.0 by a car length and everyone that knows me or my car knows it's a lot quicker than a regular 3v.



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Congratulations on your purchase and for joining Team Shelby. Your initial assumption is not quite accurate... relatively few SGT owners found their way to Team Shelby, so the history (via Team Shelby) of many CSMs is simply unknown. Suggest you read through the "Black List" thread in this sub-forum and add SGT0081 if it isn't listed already. As for the exceptional performance of SGT0081, perhaps it has a rear-end gear swap... which is easy enough to check, jack it up, count input yoke verses wheel revolutions and do the math.


Enjoy your ownership of SGT0081 and happy motoring.

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