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2007 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 1 of 67


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You said, "good or bad"....yes?


It's way overpriced... you will not even get a look until it's around $32K.


Cool color combo. Good luck! :salute:


EDIT- Hate saying it, but 11K miles is NOT low either. There are TONS of early 500's starting to surface with low low miles.

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Craig'slist is not the place to sell a Shelby Mustang or any car that's not junk. Legit buyers will be looking on car sites

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I think 32k is right where you want to be... plenty of cars go for that price and yours is a fairly unique color combo and it's in great shape so I think that's a solid number.


I've seen them go from 28-34 but it really depends on mileage


11k miles is nothing on these cars but yes there are people who want one that has 2k miles or something so I think 32 is a good price.


Also I'd put it on Ebay.


The last two cars I bought were on Ebay.


Shipping the car is no big deal and it's on the buyer anyway... you'll sell it fast on Ebay I would imagine.

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