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GT350 Paint Code

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I was doing some searching on the net for a color code or formula for the blue on my 2011 GT350 and came across the Team Shelby site.

Can you help with a mix for the blue. I have a couple chips in the front bumper cover that I am trying to repaint and get the car ready for summer.

Sorry if this request has been posted before-I couldn't find any threads.


Thanks in advance. Jim Schunneman


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According to automotive touch up website there were 3 shades of blue offered in 2011. Sonic blue,kona blue and grabber blue. You didn't give us a VIN or a picture so we can't tell you further. Attached is a link to automotive touch up site that has codes.



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If it's a 2011 GT350, I'm guessing you're asking about the stripe color. I don't know of the actual paint color number but it's called Guardsman Blue and goes all the way back to the early Cobras, so some body shop/paint company should be able to match it. At one time SAI had touch up paint available. You might try there first.

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When I had my front license plate bracket (required here) painted to match, the paint shop used some type of digital camera like tool that was placed up to the paint and then loaded the info into the computer. Exact match. I do not have any code for it.

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