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A/C line ate through lower radiator hose


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I had 3 other places to look: brake duct hose rubbed hole in a/c line; a/c line being rubbed by Shelby/C&R radiator; and a/c line at the receiver/dryer being rubbed by the KR/FRRP strut tower brace. I was driving in 100+ degree in the south when the a/c went out. I had to wait to get all the way back north before I could figure out where all the refrigerant went. When I found it I installed a new a/c line, orifice tube, and a receiver/dryer. It was while I was replacing all these parts I found that there are multiple places that the a/c lines rub. I'm using plastic conduit over the lines at these spots and check them often. It did take 50k miles and 5 years before it rubbed all the way thru though.

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Is the possibility of there being wear happening most easily seen from the top or with the car in a lift? Just have a bang-a-stang radiator cover on that I'll leave on if checking to see if there is wear happening is most easily seen from the bottom with the car on a lift.

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