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Replacing Letters on Brakes

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The letters on my 2011 GT350 brake calipers have been coming off and I am looking to replace them. Or I may have to fill in the gaps with blue paint. Ideas?


Are they not originally painted on? I wouldn`t think stuck on letters would stay on due to the heat .

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They are thicker than paint and appear to be plastic. Maybe Steve has an idea.

Do you have the Baer 6S calipers?


If so I was under the impression that the "letters" were created by applying powder coating paint powder in the letter recesses cast into the caliper. Any chance the you're seeing this thick powder coating pull away from the caliper?


If you do have the Baer brakes perhaps a phone call to their tech line might provide you with a solution. If you don't have the Baer brakes let me know what you have and I'll see if I can chase Vince down to see what he has to say.



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Thanks, Steve. Yes, these are the Baer 6 Piston brakes, front and rear. The letters sit inside a machine cavity for each letter. It is then filled in with the letter in blue. They seem to be plastic or similar material which has is about 1/32 thick and inserted in each letter cavity.


I will try contact Baer Brakes. There is hope that the person at Baer that worked on these for Shelby American cars is still there and has a remedy. I hope that that it does not require removal of the calipers.

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