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scam/lying owner alert, spread it dont let anyone buy the mustang of lies


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Scam/Lying owner alert. Spread it so no one buys this mustang of lies.


Car ads-

Real Car-

My videos/pic have more this is most though-

Ok so, some of you may have seen the other post. Figured I'd try, to sum up all of his lies, and what happened. As well as the truth about the car.

As well as let all know so know one believes this major compulsive lier.

Mechanical lies-

5.0L 302 Ford Roush prepared Saleen Supercharged Coyote Ford engine

Titanium Cracked Powder metal with floating wristpins

Forged Steel Roush Crank

Jesel Solid Body Hydraulic rollers

Ferrea Titanium Valves

Dual 80mm Roush/Gt500/whatever throttle body

120mm Lighting Intake

Custom Roush prepared Saleen Series VI Super Charger

etc etc etc

Other lies-

Fake dyno claims 870+hp/740 Torque

Claims ac disconnected so it doesn't blow up, wrong it's broke (At least the blower)

Claims he personally know Jack Roush, and a bunch of really rich people and the car was built custom by Jack Roush for him.

Many many other lies about the cars history

Other Red Flags-

Title is not in his name

Title pre signed by other person, bottom signatures do not match curves, pressure, etc of original

Car has obviously sat for years

Car shows signs of rust

Discovered rat poop



This car was originally bought by Justin Brockmeyer who modded it and it was featured in a few articles around. As posted above.

I ran the VIN through car fax, car is clean.

Justin put 38,287 miles on it after buying new and sold it in 2010

Unknown 2nd owner owned 9 months, put 6295 miles on it

Sold at auction to current owner Dave

Bought with 44341 miles on it, current less than 45000 miles on it

Dave has had it over 4.5 years

I have more proof but I dont want to post the copy of the title he gave me to give to my bank, or the carfax.

Actual mods are as listed in the 2 articles of Justin's mustang, barely been changed

Only things changed since article has been the bumper, exhaust tips, engine strut bar, paint/vinyl/stickers, and I think that is it.

Also owner is stubborn, after confronting with proof he continued to lie.

He is also dead set on 20k for the car period.

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