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2010 shelby gt500 exhaust

Daniel Walser

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I am looking for axle back exhaust for my 2010 gt500 I see some aftermarket exhausts seem to fit from 2005 to 2010 for my car then I see others that say 2010 gt500 are alone kind of confusing on guy told me I could use any from 05 to 09 on mine said it was all the same any idea's would help looking for more than stock thanks

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First I would narrow down the system you want to use.


I've run a Corsa touring since almost new, 10 years later, still working great. Be advised, I did the exhaust then a few years later did the H pipe. In doing that it became extremely loud. So I had some resonators installed. It now has a very distinct and mellow sound. Kinda of like the fastback in Bullitt.


I'm mentioning this because the vendor I purchased the H pipe from never mentioned that it was going to totally change the sound of the car, rendering it almost undriveable on the street.


So find your the system you want and spend some time looking at the different vendors. I've been here since the beginning, I've never had a bad experience with anything that came from Lethal, Steeda, American Muscle, Mustangs Unlimited and of course, the Shelby Store.


Don't just order straight from the site, call them and talk to them. If they aren't willing to, or knowledgeable enough to discuss your project. DON'T buy from them. Because they won't be there after the sale.

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